I provide a wide range of professional services including:

Public Speaking and Lecturing

I provide public speaking and lecturing on a wide range of topics to do with land rights, land policy, governance and democracy.

Landownership investigations and title searches

Do you need to find out who owns a particular area of land or a specific property? Are you looking for information on landownership over a wide area?

I can offer quick and inexpensive searches for simple situations or a solution to more complex situations tailored to your needs. I often work on a “no answer – no fee” basis.

Very often, conventional Search Companies and the Registers of Scotland rely solely on the indexes of the Register of Sasines and the Land Register. This is insufficient in many cases, however, and a wider research approach is often required. The secret to success lies in exploiting the wide range of research tools that I have developed over many years.

Community Land Rights Research

Across Scotland communities have, in the past, enjoyed a wide range of land rights. Many of these have been appropriated over the centuries by private interests. Many do, however, survive. I can help you identify what potential land rights exist and how to recover them.

Land and land-use policy research

Over the years I have advised on and written many policy papers on land issues and am available to consultancy teams involved in this area.

Journalism and author services

I am available for commissions to write for a wide range of publications and media and have in the past written for the Scotsman, Guardian, Herald, Sunday Herald, Scotland on Sunday, Daily Mail and the BBC.

Advocacy and Campaign work

Do you need advice, research or strategic direction on any issue concerning land? Contact me and see if I can help. I have a strong track record working with NGOs, the media and civil society.

Project Development & Collaboration

Advice and technical expertise are available to assist in the development of a wide range of projects in the media, the arts, private business, research institutions and think tanks.