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I will be a regional list candidate for the Highlands and Islands in the Scottish Parliamentary election in May 2021.

To be elected, I will need around 15,000 votes. I have launched a Crowdfunder to raise £10,000 to pay for the development of a digital campaigning platform, newsletters and media and communications support. PLEASE do consider making a donation. https://www.crowdfunder.co.uk/andy-wightman-for-highlands-and-islands

As an Independent Candidate permanently based in Lochaber (from 26 March 2021), I am offering you the opportunity to vote for experience, integrity, independent thinking, a commitment to strengthening local democracy and a track record of success.

My background is as a land rights campaigner, author, and researcher. Since the early 1990s, I have worked with communities across the Highlands and Islands supporting them to achieve more local control of land and resources. For the past 5 years, I have been an MSP for Lothian Region.

Holyrood needs more independent voices. Over the past 5 years, I have campaigned successfully on a range of issues.

As an MSP (2016-21), I led the successful legal challenge in the European Court of Justice that ruled that Article 50 could be unilaterally revoked.

I launched the Homes First campaign to better regulate short-term lets and successfully led opposition to the latest regulations that adversely affect Bed and Breakfast businesses.

I introduced a Bill to incorporate the European Charter of Local Self-Government to strengthen local democracy. It will be voted on at its final stage in Parliament within the next few weeks.

I have championed tenants’ rights and the need for more affordable housing including the desperate need to make land available at affordable prices reflecting its existing use value.

As a long-standing land campaigner (author of Who Owns Scotland 1996 & The Poor Had No Lawyers 2010), a focus of my election campaign will be a Land for the People Bill to reform Scotland’s antiquated land laws and democratise the ownership and use of land and property.

Standing for election as an Independent is extremely challenging. I have no party machine, no corporate donors, and no party members to support me.

I will be relying on a digital, grassroots campaign to win support and spread the word of my candidacy to others. I will need 15,000 votes to be in with a chance of winning a seat.


Donations will be made to Andy Wightman.

For the purposes of complying with electoral law, I need to collect information on donors.

Anyone donating over £50 is deemed to have made a regulated donation and will be subject to permissibility checks.

All such regulated donations will have to be reported to the Electoral Commission in my election return.


  1. I wholeheartedly support your campaign Andy but am sad to lose you from the Lothian list. The Highlands and Islands constituency seems a fitting alternative.
    I was sorry you had to depart from the Scottish Greens but quite understood your reasons.
    I’m happy to support your campaign as an Independent. Good luck. The Scottish Parliament needs more MSP’s like you!!

  2. Why not The Greens?

    • I am not a member.

      • Fair enough! Can you point me to your reasons? Don’t worry I’m not a die hard fan and I’ll contribute to your campaign. You probably posted them already but I’ve been too busiy following the Harry and Megan story.

  3. Very good luck, Andy. And, I am delighted that you have left the Greens and, as I suggested years ago, that you are standing as an Independent.

  4. Harald Tobermann

    I second Sue MacFadyen’s sentiments. and hope that your much valued independence of mind and sound judgement will continue to benefit politics in Scotland.

  5. I remember! Right too.

  6. Mr Wightman, I commend you for the way you voted in the Holyrood Enquiry, I watched all the sessions on line and can only thank God for people like you who stand up for the truth. I will happily donate toward your campaign, I won’t be voting Green but feel an honest man deserves support. Good luck and thank you for doing what you were voted in to do – putting Scotland first!

  7. Simon Holledge

    As another green but not a Green, I wish you good luck. Highlands and Islands will benefit greatly from being represented by you.