I have just realised that I have never posted the good news about my defamation case here on my own website so here is it for the record.

I won!

Lord Clark ruled comprehensivelty in my favour in an Opinion published on 11 March 2020. This was just as coronavirus was taking over all of our lives and so I forgot completely to provide an update on my website although I did contact all the donors to my crowdfunder with the good news (though apologies I may have omitted to contact a number of people who donated by post).

The case (Wildcat Haven Enterprises CIC vs. Andy Wightman A111/17) was heard by Lord Clark at the Court of Session from 29 October 2019 – 8 November 2019. The Closed Record (the written argumets b y pursuer and defender) can be read here (2Mb pdf). Lord Clark rejected all of the pleas of the pursuer in what was a comprehensive victory for me. As a matter of law therefore neither of these two blogs are defamatory. The Pursuer issued a statement to the media on 11 March stating that “we will certainly appeal the decision”. However, the 28 day period in which to appeal has now expired and no appeal has been lodged. The original blogs are thus back online here and here.

What was revealed of this case in Lord Clark’s decision was a fraction of what was revealed in Court. What was revealed in Court was a fraction of the evidence assembled in the 1494 Productions (written documents lodged as evidence) lodged in the Court (59 by the Pursuer and 1435 by Defender). And what was revealed in the Productions was a fraction of what I have learned in the course of extensive preparatory research over the past 3 years about the activities of Highland Titles and Wildcat Haven Enterprises CIC. I will be publishing a detailed blog revealing what really went on over the past three years. Given the litigous nature of both parties, I will, of course, have these blogs legalled before publication.




  1. Fsntastic and Congratulations!!!

  2. Look forward to reading all about it. How these distinctly dodgy characters ever thought they had a chance in court is beyond me.

  3. Truly great news! Congratulations.!

  4. Ariane Loening

    I am glad. More strength to your elbow now.

  5. Congratulations! What a relief that must be. Well deserved.
    Now I hope you have the same success with Land Tax reform at Holyrood.
    I remember you talking about it back in the 90’s when you visited John St. School, Bridgeton.
    Keep up the campaign!

  6. Congratulations. Your courage in taking them on and tenacity for seeing it through. Will read your detailed blog when it becomes available

  7. Uilleam Fraser


    Good to see common sense has prevailed and you have won. A case that should never have been brought to court.

    Keep up the good work.



  8. Congratulations Andy. Although I had few doubts you’d win these things can go awry very easily and I’m sure it was all very stressful. I think I did see your earlier message but, like many, my world went very blurry with Covid and Lockdown. Onward and upward.

  9. Stewart Wright

    I look forward to the details. Congratulations again Andy.
    Nil carborundum illegitimi !

  10. George Campbell

    Well done and congratulations Andy. Now we need to get the land into public ownership. Stolen land subsequently sold on is to me, reset. A crime.

  11. Andrea St.Clair

    Congratulations Andy and thank you so much for the enormous amount of work you do, over & above your work as an MSP, for the people & land of Scotland. Andrea

  12. That’s fantastic Andy, hopefully they’ll be asked to repay any cost you have incurred. Well done indeed. You’re a credit to research/journalism.

  13. Great news, bet that is a relief

  14. winifred McEwen

    Wonderful news – look forward to reading more! Winifred McEwen

  15. winifred McEwen

    wonderful news.

  16. I just spotted this, though I knew because I was on your email list. However one small matter: what happened regarding costs? I know that’s usually dealt with separately. Are you left out of pocket, or has Wildcat Haven covered all your expenses?

  17. Like!! Great article post.Really thank you! Really Cool.

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