1. It has been said that even if the vote is no this time, events will force another referendum in about five years time which, because of ineptitude from and broken promises by Westminster will be a resounding YES!

  2. Moreover, aside from the issue of Independence in and of itself, even if the vote is “No”, there is still the impact of an awakened public on issues of land reform and getting rid of toff power.

    time for a singalong ! ; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dtUH2YSFlVU

  3. Independence here we come.
    Good prog on ch 4 last night, well done all the YES people.
    Never in doubt.

  4. Well we now have the result; what can I say. I voted yes for independence; we have lost a battle but the campaign will go on. The offer of further devolved power is just Westminster throwing us another bone in the hope of keeping us quiet.

    Given the obvious backlash against further devolved powers from Tory MPs I doubt these can be delivered by Cameron even if he wanted to, and I expect another referendum within five years when the result will be yes.

  5. The labour party has hung itself with a tory rope.
    They will never hold power again.

  6. “Bought and sold for English gold;” no, this time it was just a few vague promises.