Image Credit: Amelia Troubridge

Today’s light relief comes courtesy of Tatler which published a feature on the views of scotland’s aristocrats on the prospects of Scottish independence. The article was published in July but only went online yesterday and features gay undertakers, reeling balls and hairy bloodthisrty Bravehearts wearing no underpants. Enjoy.

Read the feature here.


  1. It’s their disproportionate control of our land we’re concerned about, the buggars can keep their homes and private practices to themselves.

  2. Tatler – beyond parody.

    • I was sure that was a spoof: “Sophia Money-Coutts”…?

      Message to the Scottish aristocracy: come and join the human race. It’s lovely.

  3. Great article. I love it.

  4. Given that most of the so-called aristocracy got their lines of descent from ancestors who were rewarded for essentially pimping or committing murder on command, I can’t take anything they say terrifically seriously.

    • Fiona, considering you say it applies to “most of” them, could I ask you to name, say, five peerages that were awarded for “pimping” (and could you explain what you mean by that as well) and another five that were awarded for “committing murder on command”?

  5. As some of the comment below the Tatler article points out it’s actually a brilliant piece of satire and a first rate argument to support independence.

    It’s an article well worth archiving ready to be wheeled out whenever you want to take the p*** out of Scotland’s lairdopoly.

  6. It’s actually a rather good article though surely a sub should have spotted what is wrong here –

    ‘his affection for all things Hibernian means that his castle is basically lined in tartan,’

    Also I gather the new wave of Chinese money men are beginning to make a big impact. While we are busy laughing at Hamish and Flora, there is big stuff going on off field.

  7. The power and privelage of the grouse shooting elite ;

    Whist the report is from Animal Aid, and so the gripes about the control of common vermin such as foxes and crows should be taken with a pinch of salt – after all, crofters and the RSPB have to do this to protect livestock and wildlife – the material on the tax dodges etc is well worth a read.