1. Its quite comical, crash gordon setting a trap for scotland.

  2. Oh yes – squeaky bum time all round! Poor Pike – Harry Enfield much more use these days than a Lee Enfield.

  3. Thank you Andy,
    It has given some light relief as steam has been coming out my ears listening to the 3 stooges outside Holyrood this morning.
    When will they get the message that Scotland is deciding what powers they want….not Westminster ….but old habits die hard with Westminster.

  4. When one day referendum documentaries are being commissioned, we should give the job to “The Thick of It” team. Comedy is the only way to capture a group of people caught in an avalanche, hoping it will all roll quietly back uphill.

  5. Hopefully, the referendum will inspire more and more demands all over this fair isle for improved local democracy.

  6. I have been waiting for the chance to vote on this for over sixty years and having a postal vote it’s now done and it’s YES!

    One has only to look at the goons running the Westminster shambles to realise it’s a no brainer, even the English regions are beginning to talk about independence from Westminster.

  7. More pillow talk of more empty promises . We have had enough . We want FREEDOM ! ! ! .

  8. Reminds me of the frantic scrambling by the lairds back in 2003 when they thought tenants were about to get the right to buy.
    They promised the earth to tenants, no confiscation of improvements, no unfair rent rises, no evictions etc etc. if only ARTB was dropped.
    They have reneged on everything.