1. “We are minded to propose an end to all tax exemptions, subsidies and cosy tax deals unless these can be shown to be in the public interest.”

    Great. Looks like this committee is taking its job seriously.

  2. Transparency would be a good start.

  3. andrew stoddart

    Why not exempt them from tax if they sell to the tenants?

    • if we collected the full rental value of land to replace taxation as the basis of public revenue, then they’d be much keener to sell and we could get them to pay for their departure into Scottish history.

  4. Ron, did it not emerge from the “Definition of Fairer” thread that the full rental value of land cannot replace taxation as the basis of public revenue?

    I’m referring to John Digney’s comment on February 7, 2014 at 10:34 am (don’t know how to link to it! Andy?) that the most recent independent figures are in the 1989 book “Costing the Earth” (ed. Ronald Banks, pub. Shepheard-Walwyn) which, based on 1985 figures, calculated that it would produce only 44% of central and local government tax revenue.