On 23 February 2014, the Sunday Herald revealed that Timothy Congdon, UKIP’s economic spokesperson, had benefitted from wind energy developments on his land in Argyll and Caithness.

Today (4 March) it was revealed that he has stood down from the post.

Timothy Congdon’s website is here. He regards himself as the “best economist in British politics” Nowhere does he declare his interests as a major landowner in Scotland. Given the absence of a freely-available online register of who owns Scotland, I have spent £21.60 in order to make transparent his landholdings which cover 6237 acres of land in Argyll and Caithness. The details which follow reveal 6 out of his 8 landholdings in Scotland. The website currently records them as separate holdings but in fact the Argyll properties are all contiguous with one another.




East Ronachan

North Ronachan

Sheirdrum Hill


Phillips Mains Woodland

Hollandmey Farm Forest

In addition, he has interests in a 329 acre Moodlaw forest in Dumfries-shire.

This matter not only concerns transparency but a wider issue of why so much (55%) of Scotland’s privately-owned forests are owned by absentee owners. Fully a third of Scotland’s privately-owned forests is owned by owners who live outside Scotland – in the rest of UK, Europe and offshore tax havens. For further analysis, see a report I wrote two years ago in February 2012.



  1. Reiner Luyken

    To be frank, I couldn’t care less where someone lives. What concerns me far more is that they ruin the landscape, be it with wind turbines or deer fences. A wind turbine has no nationality.

    • Well, he can’t live in all of them at the same time and he won’t have any in Norway will he? Wonder why that is?—See that damned narrow-minded separatism of 5 million people!

  2. The UK Imperial Party is like that too’ everything outside of the UK of London and The Home Counties is regarded as t’he colonies’

  3. ‘To them that have shall be given, and from them that have not shall be taken away’.
    Funny how our politicians never talk abut the financial benefits of wind-power to the landitti!
    First order of busness after Independence? Land Value Tax!!!!!

  4. Wonder how much he’s had from the EU. Oh the irony!

  5. And everyone wonders why Scotlands wants to be separate from the rest of the UK. The land belongs to the people of Scotland and not absentee landlords.