05. December 2012 · 4 comments · Categories: Trump

Donald Trump has criticised William Grant & Sons for awarding the Glenfiddich Spirit of Scotland “TopScot” award to Michael Forbes. Severin Carrell has the full story in the Guardian.

The full media release from Trump International Golf Links Scotland is available here.

It’s also 282 days since we launched campaign to have Donald Trump Sen, Donald Trump Jun. and George Sorial sacked as GlobalScots. You can sign the petition here.

NOTE:- the photograph is the only one I have ever taken that won an award. it was taken in the burn of my parents’ croft on the Isle of Skye in 2004.


  1. MarieClaire McGuinness

    Trump is a chump ……….He is a complete sociopath …….in true Bullish American Style ( not all Americans as some of my family hail from there) But The Americans who think they rule the world and are invincible ………… …..This man is insane ……….do we really want him here ?

    Surprised the Guardian even gave him ink space …….must have been on the entertainment section …

    well done Grant & Sons

  2. Trump says that Michael Forbes farm/croft/home is a pig stye, this may be so, but it’s Michael Forbes pig stye, he owns it, and if he wants to keep it that way then thats up to him. Trump should learn that Scotland is a free country and if he does not like Michael Forbes home then tough. Please Mr Trump feel free to return to America. Have just opened a bottle of Glenfiiich to toast Michael Forbes health. Slainte

  3. Melanie McKellar

    Well I am dumbfounded! Donald has certainly lost more than his troosers on this one!!!!!

    The man has no regard for anyone or anything, when will he realise it has nothing to do with his golf club it has everything to do with his business ethics and the way he treats people.

    Good for William Grant & Sons for their decorum and respect towards not only the winner but the people who voted for him.

  4. Donald trump should have the global scot title withdrawn. Alex Salmond and the calling in of Trumps application should be fully investigated. The whole affair has been suspect and reeks of corruption. The award appears to be linked to underhand tactics linked to deals that have nothing to do with improving the area or peoples lives. Quite the adverse. I am disgusted with the whole stinking affair.