1. Many years from now,would you be willin to trade All the days,from this day to that,for one chance,one chance to come back here and tell Donald Trump,he can flash his dollar bills,but he can never buy oor Michael.
    Michael Forbes….Our own Braveheart .

  2. Well done Michael on this richly deserved award. You are an inspiration to us all.

  3. Margaret Gardiner

    So proud to support a man/ people who stand up to be counted in the face of such as the Trumps.

    You are a Scot: the loud trumpeters ought to follow in his mother’s footsteps and abandon these shores to seek his fortune elsewhere. Donald Trump is such an obnoxious and arrogant characterless craitur. You, Michael Forbes have shown yourself to be his antithesis and his antithesis won that to which he will never come close.

    Congratulations. A spirit like yours would be a fantastic asset to the land reforms Andy Wightman is working so hard towards.