Today’s contrasting images come on the day that over 30 Palestinians died in Gaza. They included the Dallo family in Jabalia refugee camp – that’s right a refugee camp – who lost 11 members when their house was attacked by Israeli rockets (see first image below). The BBC headline over this story is “Death toll jumps in Gaza crisis“. One wonders what the headline would be if 11 civilians were killed in a Palestinian rocket attack in Tel Aviv. “World leaders condemn terrorist atrocity” perhaps?

Israeli missile strike on house in Jabalia refugee camp

Palestinian rocket attack on “Israeli” city of Ashkelon

Other images from today from Electronic Intifada (including demonstration in Edinburgh).



  1. If the BBC was headlining “World leaders condemn …” instead of “Deathtoll jumps …”, would that not be more a condemnation of the world leaders than the BBC?

  2. Thanks for that post. Truth is a rare commodity and thats why I distribute your “Poor had no Lawyers” to anyone I think capable of learning from it: keep it up Andy & all the best!