1. Robbie Pennington

    It should be referred to the Advertising Standards Authority.

  2. my wife and I saw the programme on tv last night about the activities of D Trump and his men; quite horrifying how he treats the landscape with no respect, and how badly the local landowners were treated, (did the behaviour of the Police made you think we almost have a ‘police state’ ?). Also awful how DT lied about the supposed support of people and the environmental organisations
    (reminded me of Gaddafi’s comment about the Libyan people “they love me, all !”). The way DT has had the support of the First Minister shocked us totally; the SNP has had it as far as we are concerned.

  3. hebrideanfarmer

    Alex Salmond is very very clever. David please don’t give up your support for the SNP. Our First Minister keeps his friends close and his enemies closer!
    Alex Salmond did the same at the SLaE annual general meeting and dinner, everyone thought he had gone off his head….supporting them, but if you read carefully what he actually said he was being very clever. Now look at what has happened with his announcement of the Land Reform Review Group being formed. That’s put SLaE’s gas at a peep!
    When Scotland rids itself of absentee landlords then it will be a better place and we will flourish. The SNP are are working towards Scotland being a better place.

  4. Replacing an absentee laird with a “white settler” from the Home Counties is not a valid way out ! Personally I have seen enough of these London-based barristers who have a second home on a Scottish island ! Particularly the ones who then claim that they are speaking for “The People” !